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Polishing machine | 2 Batteries Charger & accessories | Makita 18V

Polishing machine | 2 Batteries Charger & accessories | Makita 18V

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Are you looking for the perfect polishing machine to make your car shine like new again? Then the MAKR polishing machine is the ideal choice for you! This electric polisher is specially designed for professionals and do-it-yourselfers and comes with numerous accessories, including sponge discs, wool discs and a battery adapter. With 6 variable settings and the option to work wirelessly, this professional polisher offers unparalleled flexibility. Get this car polisher today and get a showroom-worthy shine again!

Discover the convenience and versatility of our cordless electric polisher with an ergonomic handle design, which provides a more comfortable grip and reduces vibration. Enjoy a pleasant working environment thanks to low noise and minimal vibration during use.

A handy 150mm adhesive tray on the bottom allows you to effortlessly replace polishing discs and get on with your projects. With 6 adjustable speeds you can easily adjust the desired speed to your specific requirements and materials.

Our versatile polisher is perfect for a variety of applications, such as wood sanding, car polishing, removing rust from metal, polishing furniture, and much more. With its 150mm diameter sanding disc, this machine is practical for all your work needs.

So get a professional result with our powerful polisher that meets all your sanding and polishing needs. Make your work easier, more efficient and effortlessly achieve a brilliant finish on a variety of surfaces.

Benefits - Here are some reasons why you should buy the Makr brand polishing machine on

1. This electric polisher is perfect for polishing your car.
2. With the 2 included batteries you can continue polishing wirelessly for a long time.
3. You can even use the polisher with your existing Makita batteries.
4. With 6 variable settings you have full control over the speed and intensity of polishing.
5. The package includes a variety of accessories, such as 2 sponge discs, 1 wool disc, 1 sandpaper, 5 washing covers, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 battery adapter, 1 pair of gloves and 1 dust collection bag.
6. This professional polishing machine provides a flawless and shiny finish to your car.
7. The cordless design means you are not tied to a power socket and you can polish anywhere.
8. With the do-it-yourself attitude and this polishing machine you can make your car like new again!

Don't wait any longer and order your polishing machine for all your work today!

2 batteries in package
With the Makr polishing machine you receive not one, but two powerful batteries. This way you never have to be without power while polishing and you can work uninterrupted.

Also works on Makita battery
Do you already have a Makita battery? No problem! Our polisher is compatible with Makita batteries, so you can use it easily and without incurring additional costs.

6 variable settings for optimal precision
With no fewer than six different settings, you can adjust the speed of the polishing machine as desired. This way you always have optimal control and precision when polishing your car or other surfaces.

Specifications :

Frequently asked questions about the Polishing Machine:

Does the MAKR polishing machine also work on Makita batteries?
Yes, the Keepad Polisher also works on Makita batteries. This means that you can use the batteries you already have for your other Makita tools. Handy, right?

How many settings does the MAKR Polishing Machine have?
The Keepad Polisher has no fewer than 6 variable settings. This allows you to easily adjust the polishing speed to your wishes and needs. This way you always get the desired result.

What accessories are included with the MAKR Polishing Machine?
Various accessories are included with the Keepad Polisher. This includes 2 Sponge Discs, 1 Wool Disc, 1 Sandpaper, 5 Washing Covers, 1 Cleaning Cloth, 1 Battery Adapter, 1 pair of gloves and 1 Dust Collection Bag. With these accessories you have everything you need for a professional polishing result.

Is the MAKR Polisher wireless?
Yes, the Keepad Polisher is wireless. This makes using the polishing machine a lot more convenient and flexible. You can work with cables without any hassle and can easily reach everything.

Who is the MAKR Polishing Machine suitable for?
The Keepad Polishing Machine is mainly suitable for do-it-yourselfers or professionals - If you like to work yourself or as a company and want to polish a car or other surfaces, then this machine is perfect for you. With the many settings and accessories you can achieve professional results, right at home in your own garage or workshop.

Makr, our brand, was designed with a clear purpose: to make reliable and versatile tools accessible to novice self-employed people and do-it-yourselfers. What sets us apart is the compatibility with commonly used Makita batteries, so you no longer have to struggle with separate batteries and chargers.

Our tools are not only affordable, but they also deliver long-term efficiency. By eliminating the costs of separate batteries and chargers, you not only save money, but you are also sustainable. We understand the needs of our customers and strive to deliver high-quality performance without compromising on the pocketbook.

Choose Makr for reliability, versatility and affordability on every job.

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